Talk and Performance during LOOP Festival at Metrónom, Barcelona

October 15, 2019

Metrònom. Fundació Rafael Tous d’Art Contemporani
C/ Fusina 9, Barcelona
Saturday 16 November 2019, 12:30 am

Metrònom was a significant space for the production and exhibition of intermedia art. This event presents a lecture and a performance by Seth Cluett to introduce the video/sound archive project recently initiated by AMEE. The archive includes a part of the extensive video documentation, sound recordings and photographs of Música a Metrònom (1985-2005), the festival of experimental music, improvisation and sound installation, created by Barbara Held, and co-curated with Agustí Fernández, Francisco López, Paul De Marinis, IBA and Bert Bongers.

12:30 am. The Loudspeaker as Screen: Mediating Sound Art Archives, a lecture by Seth Cluett.

Cluett’s lecture is focused on the critical potential of the loudspeaker’s contribution to aesthetic practices and the irreducibly mixed, multimodal condition of contemporary art practices. Highlighting the role of the loudspeaker in primary documentation and secondary criticism of archived sound art works, this talk will frame the problems and potentials inherent in the necessarily mediated experience of historical work documented by important presenters such as Metrònom. Cluett’s essay “The Loudspeaker in Art Practice: A Preliminary Taxonomy” is included in a book published recently by MIT Press and ZKM, Karlsruhe.

6–10 pm. Introduction to the video/sound archive.

The program includes selected iconic video/sound recordings from the AMEE Archive, such as documentation of historic performances at Metrònom, given by artists including Eliane Radige, Christian Marclay, Alvin Lucier, Jordi Benito and Agustí Fernández, in a dialogue with recent works by AMEE and Metrònom collaborators.

10 pm. From delivery to withdrawal (into implicit secrecy and silence #3), a performance by Seth Cluett.

Cluett’s performance is based on minor aberrations in space and time caused by corporal movement that might make us aware of the relationship between our bodies and the perceived world. In the work, loudspeakers play sine waves whose wavelengths are derived from the architectural layout of the space while a video shot using mirrored looking devices super-impose shifted visual information from the outside space to the audience.

Curated by Barbara Held and Víctor Aguado-Machuca, this event is promoted by Metrònom and AMEE (Spanish Association of Electroacoustic Music and Sound Art) with the support of Acción Cultural Española and INAEM (Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénica y de la Música), as part of LOOP Barcelona. Special thanks to: Rafael Tous, Adolf Alcañiz and Ferran Conangla.

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New performance work as part of Every day is another day at 601 Artspace, NYC

October 14, 2019

a special event in conjunction with the exhibition, Every day is another day:

Seth Cluett: nothing to see/hear 
Friday Nov. 8th, 6:30pm
601Artspace, 88 Eldridge Street, NYC

Composer and visual artist Seth Cluett will perform nothing to see/hear, a sound work using everyday objects, field recordings, and home-made foley instruments. Measured performance gestures will create live foley sounds that blend and obscure their recorded counterparts, highlighting the tension between the real and the reproduced.

Every day is another day

Sept 14 – Dec. 1st, 2019
Regine Basha curates Nina Katchadourian in dialogue with Vija Celmins, Rivane Neuenschwander, Gabriel Orozco, Tom Friedman, Jonathan Monk, Robert Therrienand Fischli & Weiss

From the curator:
“This exhibition was born out of my sheer glee in discovering that a collection affiliated with 601Artspace holds works by many of the artists who directly shaped me and many of my peers as we emerged in the art world of the mid-1990s. Vija Celmins, Rivane Neuenschwander, Gabriel Orozco, Tom Friedman, Jonathan Monk, Robert Therrien and Fischli & Weiss, each in their own way, actively scrutinized the ‘everyday,’ using humor and play to explore the malaise of boredom. In many ways, their tactics referenced gestures of eras past; Orozco and Fischli & Weiss brought back the eye of the 19th century flaneur; Celmins, Friedman and Therrien recalled the wit of Dada’s readymades, and Monk and Neuenschwander rediscovered the sublime in daily minutiae, like Fluxus artists before them.The works born out of this 90’s moment are purposefully unspectacular and masterfully subtle — redressing the 80’s excesses back into plainclothes. 

Every day is another day views a contemporary art collection through the lens of Nina Katchadourian, a conceptual artist whose work taps directly into the undercurrent of ideas, moods and images embraced by these earlier works. Her practice, highly influenced by these very same artists of the 90’s, includes photography, sculpture, sound installation, found objects, public interventions and performance video, and consistently mines the mundane in humorous and surprising ways. Over the past two decades, Katchadourian’s work has become known for its wit and ability to wrest meaning from everyday moments in front of her, especially in her ongoing series, Seat Assignment.  In Seat Assignment, the artist uses her mobile phone to photograph scenes she stages while traveling on an airplane with limited time and materials at her disposal. These are inspired, she says, by ‘the investment of thinking on your feet and from optimism about the artistic potential that lurks within the mundane. The exhibition will include both early works by Katchadourian as well as a selection of newly made Seat Assignment images.

Staging an ‘intervention’ into a collection is, purposefully, another 90’s reference. This curatorial exercise gathered momentum in the 90’s within museums and private collections, often reflecting a burgeoning recognition of the need to unpack canonical history, present new perspectives on hidden narratives, de-colonize, look critically at institutions, and diversify collections and exhibitions in terms of race and gender issues. Collection interventions sometimes serve as a kind of makeshift time travel portal, allowing early threads of thought to re-weave with later ones and express new questions in material form. Asking why boredom was important to artists in the 90’s, and examining why it might be useful to revisit now, is this exhibition’s underlying premise. It seems an excellent time, in our present moment of total distraction and saturation, to unpack the meaning of attention paid to the banal, to consider what that meant to the pre-internet era, and to glean what we might learn from a sense of boredom today.”

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Workshop and Performance at LUFF Festival, Lausanne, Switerland

September 19, 2019

Seth Cluett feat. The Participants: sound performance

In partnership with EDHEA

In this workshop, Cluett and participants will work with field recordings of objects and environments as the starting point for exploring foley as a performance tool. By close-listening and analysis of field recordings (Cluett has collaborated for 20 years with Pauline Oliveros), he will invite participants to use the sounds of everyday objects, perform foley dynamically along with field recordings to create new works. The workshop will culminate with a group performance at 17:30.

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Performance in Paris at Columbia University Reid Hall

September 15, 2019

14th October, 8pm, Seth Cluett, ‘forms of forgetting’

From the 8th to the 25th October 2019, Columbia Global Centers | Paris will be home to the Nature of Sound mini music festival. All concerts begin at 8pm, and are located in the Grande Salle at Reid Hall, 4 rue de Chevreuse, 75006, Paris. Open and free to the public.

‘forms of forgetting’ is a series of performances, each building on the last, that explores the role of in-attention and re-attending in listening. Using found objects, field recordings, and home-made instruments, sounds migrates from amplification through foley replication to sound synthesis. Putting pressure on the veracity of the real, this work aims to construct a focused, attentive perceptual space with an elastic, malleable experience of time.

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Performing with Composers Inside Electronics for the Petronio Company at Akademie der Künste, Berlin

August 29, 2019

What the Body Remembers. Dance Heritage Today Stephen Petronio Company – Bloodlines: Merce Cunningham, Steve Paxton, Rudy Perez, Yvonne Rainer

In the Bloodlines series Stephen Petronio pays tribute to postmodern American choreographers, who inspired him during his career as a dance professional. To preserve these traditions, since 2015 the Stephen Petronio Company has also been presenting works by artists such as Merce Cunningham, Trisha Brown, Lucinda Childs, Anna Halprin, Steve Paxton and Yvonne Rainer, who all have created dance languages that embody high degrees of artistic impact.

September 20 & 21 Sep 20198 pm
Akademie der Künste
Hanseatenweg Studio
€ 28/18
For more information:

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World and Place Evaporating presented at Toronto New Wave Festival 2019

August 20, 2019

Image result for world and place evaporating


Curated by active filmmakers and artists, Toronto New Wave (TNW) represents the work of budding creatives of the highest caliber both locally and internationally. Our mission is to celebrate the experimental, undiscovered talent of the new generation of artists that are taking creative risks. As a not-for-profit organization, our goal is to create a platform that builds meaningful connections between up-and-coming artists and local audiences, allowing the independent art scene in this city to flourish. We believe that by providing a platform for new voices using new forms to tell new stories we can be a catalyst for a new wave of social and political change.

The TNW program will feature selections from our Made In Canada and World New Wave categories, including:

1) Short films (narrative, documentary, music videos, animation, experimental)

2) Live music performances

3) Interactive new media art (installation, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality, 360 Film, etc.)

TNW combines the cinematic experiences of watching films on the big screen, attending a live concert, and participating in an immersive Virtual Reality experience. This cultivates a relationship between the film, music and interactive communities and offers a unique, entertaining experience for audiences.

Keeping up the tradition of shining the spotlight on local talent, the evening will showcase an award ceremony featuring over thousands of dollars in prizes for our festival submissions. For our creators we are providing categorized awards (judged by industry panel), Q&A sessions with audiences following screenings, an exclusive, industry after-party for artists, filmmakers & their friends, and an opportunity to be featured on our social media outlets, regardless of selection status.

Our third annual event will be taking place on August 23rd at the Daniels Spectrum (585 Dundas Street East).

TNW 2019 tickets are on sale now:

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Presenting New Ambisonic Spatial Audio Experiments at the New York Electronic Arts Festival with Harvestworks

June 22, 2019

Seth Cluett will present a suite of compositions for ambisonic surround speaker cube. 

Saturday June 29 between 3 – 5 pm

Governors Island, Nolan Park, Building 10A

Composer and Artist Seth Cluett will present a suite of compositions created in the reflection-less, dead-quiet historic anechoic at Bell Labs alternating with immersive 360-degree field recordings captured in a number of locations across New York and New Jersey. These works are rendered to a cube of loudspeaker and each piece presents a different material, object, pointing-up our relationship between the environment and the senses.

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Performing Christian Wolff’s For 1, 2, or 3 People on Cunningham’s Tread for the Petronio Company at American Dance Festival

June 4, 2019

Stephen Petronio Company will be performing at the American Dance Festival on a shared bill titled ICONS: Three Timeless Works By Three Master Artists.

Three giants of American modern dance, Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, and Paul Taylor, will share a program of works, two of which originally premiered at ADF. Graham 2 will perform Martha Graham’s Diversion of Angels (1948) with a romantic score by Norman Dello Joio and themes from the infinite aspects of love. Stephen Petronio Company will appear in Merce Cunningham’s Tread (1970). With decor designed by Bruce Nauman, Tread is a playful dance filled with unexpected partnering, human entanglements, and all of the choreographic complexity that defines Cunningham’s work. Lastly, Taylor 2 will dance Paul Taylor’s Piazzolla Caldera (1997), Taylor’s exploration of the sizzling, sultry culture of tango.

TREAD (1970)
Choreographer: Merce Cunningham
Music: For 1, 2, or 3 People by Christian Wolff, performed live by Composers Inside Electronics
Set: Bruce Nauman
Costumes: After the design by Merce Cunningham
Lighting: Richard Nelson
Staged by: Jennifer Goggans
Performed by: The Company

Photo by Ian Douglas of Stephen Petronio Company in Merce Cunningham’s Tread (1970). 

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Levy Lorenzo presents The Interior of Objects for transduced snare drum with Nokia Bell Labs at Inspirefest in Dublin

May 1, 2019

Created by Silicon Republic, Inspirefest is a two-day festival exploring the future of science, technology and creativity, attended by more than 3,000 people from over 40 countries, and acclaimed as the “Best Event for Bright Minds in Europe”.

We celebrate human brilliance. So, everything we do has to be human-centred. The experiences we craft are magical – bespoke, inclusive and avant-garde. The people who make them are purpose-driven and passionate. The discourses we have are solutions-focused. The relationships we nurture are long lasting.

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Speaking at Cycling ’74 Expo

April 16, 2019


April 26-28, 2019


1040 MASS MoCA Way
North Adams, MA 01247

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Joining Composers Inside Electronics for Cunningham’s Tread with the Petronio Company

April 2, 2019

Image result for cunningham tread petronio

“There’s a visceral thrill to Stephen Petronio’s choreography that is unlike anything offered by other contemporary choreographers.” — The New York Times

Stephen Petronio Company presents its most ambitious season of Bloodlines, a five-year autobiographical project that honors the lineage of American postmodern dance, but also traces the influences and impulses that have shaped choreographer Stephen Petronio. To date, the company has restaged works by Merce Cunningham, Trisha Brown, Anna Halprin, Yvonne Rainer, and Steve Paxton.

This program features the world premiere of American Landscapes, a series of shifting pastoral, emotional, and social canvases that reflect the complicated beauty that coexists in these United States. American Landscapes is a collaboration with the musical duo of Jozef Van Wissem and Jim Jarmusch with visual design by New York artist Robert Longo.

The company will also perform works by postmodern masters: Coverage (1970), by Rudy Perez, one of the singular artists of color of the Judson Dance Theatre and an artist largely excluded from the dominant postmodern history; and Tread (1970), by Merce Cunningham with music by Christian Wolff performed by Composers Inside Electronics.

Acclaimed by audiences and critics alike, Stephen Petronio is widely regarded as one of the leading dance-makers of his generation. New music, visual art and fashion collide in his dances, producing powerfully modern landscapes for the senses. Founded in 1984, Stephen Petronio Company has performed in 26 countries throughout the world, including over 35 New York City engagements.

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International Contemporary Ensemble performs A State of Mutual Tension at Constellation on the Chicago Frequency Festival

February 1, 2019

Music for Invisible Places at Constellation Chicago Frequency Festival

Saturday, February 23, 2019
8:30 PM
Constellation Chicago
3111 N. Western Avenue
Chicago, IL 60618

The International Contemporary Ensemble returns to Frequency Festival with a program featuring the works of Annea Lockwood, Seth Cluett, and Wojtek Blecharz. Each work features the construction, deconstruction, and augmentation of woodwind instruments. This program was devised in collaboration with Nokia Bell Labs Experiments in Art and Technology and organized in collaboration with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute as part of the Polska Music programme.

Annea Lockwood: Bayou Borne
Seth Cluett: A State of Mutual Tension
Wojtek Blecharz: Music for Invisible Places

From International Contemporary Ensemble:
Alice Teyssier
Isabel Gleicher
Joshua Rubin
Campbell MacDonald
Ryan Muncy
Ross Karre
Levy Lorenzo
Rebekah Heller

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Sounding Circuits: Audible Histories up now at the Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center

January 16, 2019

In the new free exhibition Sounding Circuits: Audible Histories, The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts will bring to life the network of innovative composers and technologists who helped create an entirely new way to think about and create music. Curated by artist and composer Seth Cluett, current artist-in-residence at Nokia Bell Labs and Acting Director of the Computer Music Center at Columbia University, Sounding Circuits: Audible Histories features a state-of-the art immersive multi-channel audio system surrounded by rare objects, artifacts and recordings from the early history of electronic music. The exhibition will be on display from January 15, 2019, through March 23, 2019 in the Library’s Vincent Astor Gallery. 

The exhibition will also debut a suite of  immersive 360-degree sound works composed by Cluett commissioned by the Library and developed during his four-month research residency with NYPL’s Music and Recorded Sound Division. These new works will be be presented alongside archival compositions drawn from the libraries collections that reinforce themes of the exhibition. 

Sounding Circuits  explores the significant contributions of pioneering electronic and computer music composers like Charles Dodge, Otto Luening, Pauline Oliveros, and Edgar Varèse, drawing together primary source materials including personal correspondence, historical recordings, technical documentation, and musical sketches and scores from across the Library for the Performing Arts’ rich collections. Visitors will see original electronic sound processing equipment, oscillators, early mixing consoles, a full-scale photographic reproduction of the legendary Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center’s RCA Mark II synthesizer, a print-out of the computer code for Dodge’s seminal composition “Earth’s Magnetic Field,” and supporting documentation and artifacts drawn from the archives at Nokia Bell Labs. 

“I really wanted to showcase the dynamic and supportive social connections at play at a time when electronic and computer music were brand new,” explains Cluett, “and the artifacts and archival recordings help tell that story. I hope the historic works, when paired with my new compositions, help people hear how fresh and exciting these classic pieces really are.”

The Library for the Performing Arts will present several public programs in conjunction with the exhibition. Visit for additional details. 

Press Contact: Nora Lyons (

The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts gratefully acknowledges the leadership support of Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman. Additional support for exhibitions has been provided by Judy R. and Alfred A. Rosenberg and the Miriam and Harold Steinberg Foundation. 

Sounding Circuits is presented in collaboration with Computer Music Center at Columbia University and Nokia Bell Labs Experiments in Art and Technology.

About The New York Public Library For The Performing Arts, Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman Center
The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts houses one of the world’s most extensive combinations of circulating, reference, and rare archival collections in its field. These materials are available free of charge, along with a wide range of special programs, including exhibitions, seminars, and performances. An essential resource for everyone with an interest in the arts — whether professional or amateur — the Library is known particularly for its prodigious collections of non-book materials such as historic recordings, videotapes, autograph manuscripts, correspondence, sheet music, stage designs, press clippings, programs, posters and photographs. The Library is part of The New York Public Library system, which has 90 locations in the Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island, and is a lead provider of free education for all.

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Portrait Concert ‘Collecting Seth Cluett’ during OpenICE festival at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts

November 6, 2018

Cluett NYPLThursday, November 8, 2018, 7 p.m.

Program Locations:

New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman Center, Shelby Cullom Davis Museum, Vincent Astor Gallery

Fully accessible to wheelchairs

Free – Online Reservation Required

ASL interpretation and real-time (CART) captioning available upon request. Please submit your request at least two weeks in advance by emailing

Artist and composer Seth Cluett creates work that explores the territory between the senses, using sound to influence our sense of place, memory, and time. Join us for an interactive concert, featuring the New York premiere of Cluett’s woodwind quartet, developed in collaboration with Nokia Bell Labs, and a performance by Rebekah Heller of A Rift Within for solo bassoon.  Program also includes Ann Cleare’s Luna for solo saxophone, performed by Ryan Muncy, and Alvin Lucier’s In Memoriam Jon Higgins for clarinet and oscillator, performed by Joshua Rubin.

This project is supported by Nokia Bell Labs Experiments in Art and Technology program.

This event takes place in the Library for the Performing Arts’ Vincent Astor Gallery, at the Amsterdam Avenue entrance.


Reserve your general admission seat HERE starting October 8th.

OpenICE Library Festival

The International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), described by the New York Times as “one of the most accomplished and adventurous groups in new music,” has long promoted emerging composers’ work. ICEcommons is an exciting online archive that transforms accessibility to contemporary music. Composers, performers, and audiences can discover new works and share their thoughts in an open forum. ICE comes to the Library for a series of interactive concerts, where the audience will help this revolutionary archive to take shape.

Other Festival Events:

Deep Listening Session: /events/programs/2018/11/07/deep-listening-session

Collecting Nathan Davis: /events/programs/2018/11/07/collecting-nathan-davis

Circuits and Currents: /events/programs/2018/11/08/circuits-and-currents-columbia-computer-music-center-showcase

ICEcommons at the Library: /events/programs/2018/11/09/icecommons-library-new-discoveries

(If you need assistance with online reservations, please visit the welcome desk at the Library for the Performing Arts’ Lincoln Center Plaza entrance, where volunteers will make a reservation for you, even if you do not use email. For free events, The Library generally overbooks to ensure a full house. All registered seats are released 15 minutes before start time, so we recommend that you arrive early.)

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International Contemporary Ensemble premieres new woodwind quartet at the Rubin Institute for Music Criticism

October 15, 2018

Situated within the artistic and intellectual vibrancy of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, the Stephen and Cynthia Rubin Institute for Music Criticism brings together leading music journalists, renowned musicians, and aspiring young writers, combining the wisdom and insight of today’s highly esteemed critics, the artistry and daring of acclaimed musicians, and the energy and promise of tomorrow’s music journalists.

Founded in 2011 by Stephen Rubin, president and publisher of Henry Holt & Co., the biennial Rubin Institute features keynote addresses by the nation’s top critics (Writers Panel) and public concerts by acclaimed musicians from the solo, chamber, orchestral, and operatic stages. The performances are reviewed by a hand-selected group of student writers (Fellows) from renowned colleges and conservatories across the country, and the Writers Panel critiques their work in private workshops and public sessions. The Institute culminates with the awarding of the $10,000 Rubin Prize in Music Criticism to the Fellow who demonstrates exceptional promise in music criticism. Institute graduates have gone on to write for distinguished publications such as The New Yorker and The Boston Globe.

Pre-concert talk at 7 PM: Alex Ross, The New Yorker
Caroline H. Hume Concert Hall, SFCM

Concert program at 8 PM:

Isabel Gleicher, flute
Joshua Rubin, clarinet
Ryan Muncy, saxophone
Rebekah Heller, bassoon
Ross Karre, live sound

Mario Diaz de Leon: Mysterium (2016) for flute, clarinet, bassoon, and electronics
Michele Abondonado: Infinitely ethereal (2018) for solo bassoon (ICEcommons selection)
Wojtek Blecharz: Small Talks (2014) for accordion reed box, baritone saxophone, and electronics
Seth Cluett: a state of mutual tension (World Premiere) for woodwind quartet
Anna Thorvaldsdottir: Sequences (2016) for bass flute, bass clarinet, contrabassoon, and baritone saxophone

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New piece for exhibition of Hanne Darboven’s work at Princeton University Art Museum 4/27 at 6pm

April 19, 2018


The work of Hanne Darboven (1941–2009), an important figure in the history of conceptual art, is the subject of a multipart exhibition that will open at Princeton University on April 27, 2018, with installations in the Princeton University Art Museum, Marquand Library of Art and Archaeology, the Department of Art & Archaeology, and the Department of German.

Developed in collaboration with ECS Director Brigid Doherty by a team of students from the Department of Art & Archaeology (PhD candidate and ECS Graduate Affiliate Nathan Stobaugh), Department of German (senior and ECS certificate student Alexander Robinson), and Department of Comparative Literature (junior Cecily Polonsky), and organized under the leadership of Nathan Stobaugh, the exhibition emerged from a seminar, Art Against Culture?, that was taught by Professor Doherty in Spring 2017. Crosslisted in the Departments of German and Art & Archaeology and ECS, the seminar brought together graduate and undergraduate students from Art & Archaeology, German, History, Economics, Philosophy, and Comparative Literature to explore the wide range of ways in which Darboven and other artists and writers in late twentieth-century Germany disrupted cultural norms for the representation of time and place in response to the difficulties of reckoning with recent German history.

The exhibition’s opening day, April 27, will feature readings by Nathan Stobaugh, Erica DiBenedetto, and Denise Koller, PhD candidates in Art & Archaeology; Andreas Strasser, PhD candidate in German and an ECS Graduate Affiliate; Cecily Polonsky, junior in Comparative Literature; Alexander Robinson, senior in German and ECS certificate student; Austen Hinkley, PhD candidate in Comparative Literature; and Aidan Gray, senior in Classics. New York-based artists Nick Mauss and Ken Okiishi will deliver a lecture on Darboven’s magnum opus, Cultural History 1880-1983 (1980-83), and composer and artist Seth Cluett will speak about Darboven’s musical compositions.

The opening day will conclude with the premiere of Darboven Tracings, a musical work by Seth Cluett that was commissioned by the Program in European Cultural Studies and will be performed by Cluett with collaborators Lainie Fefferman, Jascha Narveson, and Jeff Snyder, at 6 PM in the Princeton University Art Museum.


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new 8-channel remix of Doleros (Audio Tourism at Ringing Rocks) at Hong Kong Arts Centre

April 1, 2018

About Sound Forms
Co-presented by the Hong Kong Arts Centre, Contemporary Musiking’s (CMHK) Sound Forms is the first Hong Kong festival that focuses exclusively on the multichannel format. During 6 – 12 April, Sound Forms will take residence at the Hong Kong Arts Centre McAulay Studio to present multi-channel electroacoustic pieces and sound installations that make creative uses of a multi-speaker sound system.Sound Forms will present over 5 new commissions, 20 international artists, 20 Hong Kong premieres and 2 world premieres in two formats of events:Sound Form Lounge: Daily from 10am to 4pm, audience will be welcomed to visit Sound Form Lounge freely to enjoy a changing schedule of fixed media multichannel pieces, as sonic environments.Sound Form Live: Every night at 8pm, there will be Sound Form Live concerts that either involve live performers, or conditioned listening of fixed media pieces. The opening concert – Vivienne Corringham & Cathy Lane: Shattered Songs, MSHR: Transhumanist Tendencies and the closing concert – Chiharu MK: Paramnesia will feature overseas artists’ live performances. The Fresh Forms II concert will introduce emerging young local artists to the audience.

For more information visit:

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Hong Kong Sinfonietta and Ensemble Offspring premiere Interference is Partial

March 1, 2018

Ensemble Offspring

Lamorna Nightingale (flute)
Jason Noble (clarinet)
Claire Edwardes (artistic direction/percussion)

Hong Kong Sinfonietta musicians

James Cuddeford (violin)
Chang Pei-chieh, Laurent Perrin (cello)
Masami Nagai (double bass)
Huang Shan (trumpet)
Christopher Rodgers (trombone)
Chau Chin-tung, Rieko Koyama (percussion)

Erik Griswold

Action Music II (2017) (world première)
Seth Cluett

interference is partial (world première)
Commissioned by Hong Kong Sinfonietta
Marcus Whale

Slatted Light (2010) (Asian première)
Earle Brown

Folio and 4 Systems: December 1952 (1954)
Louis Andriessen

Workers Union (1975)

*With introduction by Samson Young (Curator)

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Nicholas O’Brien’s The Trolley featuring my original score at LIMA in Amsterdam 1/17-2/28

January 14, 2018



Cultural Matter: Nicholas O’Brien (Pt.I)

The third solo exhibition in the context of Cultural Matter is the work The Trolley (2017) by artist Nicholas O’Brien. The Trolley is, in the artist’s own words, an essay game artwork. It revolves around the progressive disappearance of a mode of public transport in the urban landscape. The game is made into an installation and the story is a metaphor for the changes in public space and infrastructure in the US. A both medium specific and politically relevant work – that pushes the boundaries of traditional and new media. How does Nicholas O’Brien use storytelling, cinematic qualities and spaciality within the medium game? How does narration work in a game? How does the viewer relate to the installation as a whole and the moving image on the screen? The work can be characterised by a cross-medial approach.

The Trolley will be exhibited at LIMA from January 17 – February 28, 2018. Next to this, the two experts Isabelle Arvers and Filippo Lorenzin will shed their light on the work and its cultural and material implications.

Isabelle Arvers
Isabelle Arvers is a media art curator, critic and author specialised in video and computer games, net- and digital art. She lives and works in Marseille. Isabelle Arvers is invited to engage in a conversation with artist Nicholas O’Brien to talk about the work The Trolley. This will be the starting point for Arvers to further analyse O’Brien’s video game from a narrative and cinematic perspective, with a focus on location (sites / non-sites) in games.

Filippo Lorenzin
Filippo Lorenzin is curator and critic specialised in the relation of art, society and technology. Lorenzin lives and works in London and writes for, among others, Furtherfield, Artribune and Digicult. He is invited to analyse the technical and material implications of a game as a work of art.

Nicholas O’Brien
Nicholas O’Brien is an artist with a strong focus on game culture and game elements. As a curator he researched themes such as digital nature and digital romanticism, which also come up in his autonomous work. O’Brien lives and works in New York.

Cultural Matter
Cultural Matter is a series of exhibitions and events that provides a platform for the international discussion of digital art and aims to develop new strategies for the presentation and preservation of these artworks.
Participating artists: Nicholas O’Brien, Harm van den Dorpel, Constant Dullaart, Olia Lialina, UBERMORGEN.
Curated by: Sanneke Huisman and Jan Robert Leegte.

Opening Event
Cultural Matter: Nicholas O’Brien in Conversation with Isabelle Arvers (Pt.I)
Wednesday January 17, 8.00 PM
7,50 / 5 / free with Cineville
Attend the Facebook event here

Cultural Matter: Filippo Lorenzin on Nicholas O’Brien (Pt.ll)
Monday February 19, 8.00 PM
7,50 / 5 / free with Cineville
Attend the Facebook event here

January 17 – February 28, daily from 5 – 11 PM
LIMA (in the basement of LAB111)
Entrance is free

Keep an eye on our Facebook page to stay up to date


This programme is supported by the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, the Democracy & Media Foundation, AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts) and the Mondriaan Fund.

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speaking with Daniel Neumann, moderated by Regine Basha – Fridman Gallery 1/10 at 6pm

January 9, 2018

Daniel Neumann
January 3-24, 2018

Artist in conversation with Regine Basha and Seth Cluett: Wednesday, January 10, 6pm.

Gallery hours have shifted!
→ Wednesday-Sunday, 6-9 pm

Fridman Gallery presents CHANNELS, Daniel Neumann’s second exhibition with the gallery. Neumann arranges two types of audio technology artifacts – a giant 56-channel mixing board suspended vertically in mid-air and several unique custom-built vintage speakers – into a durational installation performing itself. Shifting the gallery hours into the evening, Neumann frames the work somewhere between an exhibition, a screening and a concert.

The sonic materials of the installation consist of 56 purely electronic sounds – lines – that underwent various types of processional feedback on site. The abstract sounds are channeled into the physical space of the gallery to produce an immanent concrete sound field.

The mixing board and speaker are given visual prominence, yet it is the sound field itself that remains foregrounded. Underscoring sound’s independent identity, periods of activation alternate with idling.

Thus, there are actually three types of sculptural objects in the show: the giant mixing board, the vintage speakers, and a 3D sound field. The singular speakers, with their subjective unique voices, stand in contrast to the ubiquitous environment of the sound field. The suspended mixing board functions as a performative medium.

With special thanks to Jim Toth (Jupiter Sound) who provided technical support for the exhibition, and to Vermona factories (, an electro acoustic manufacturer in Germany, which provided Neumann with a residency leading to a new range of electronic sound generators for the exhibition.

Daniel Neumann is a Brooklyn-based sound artist, organizer and audio engineer, originally from Germany. He holds a master’s degree in media art from the Academy of Visual Art Leipzig and also studied electronic music composition under Emanuele Casale in Catania, Italy. In his artistic practice he is using conceptual and often collaborative strategies to explore sound, sound material and its modulation through space, situation and media. As a curator, he runs an event series in NYC and Berlin (CT::SWaM) that engages in spatial sound works and focused listening.


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new drawing collaboration with Samson Young opening at CAAC 456 Gallery, NYC 12/15

December 18, 2017

Infinite Narratives
An exhibition by the Tomato Grey artist collective
With 6 artistic collaborators

Details of the event
Opening reception: December 15th, 2017, 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Exhibition date: December 15th, 2017 – January 5th, 2018
Chinese American Arts Council/Gallery 456, 456 Broadway, New York, New York 10013
Tel: 212.431.9740


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performing with Paula Matthusen at Experimental Intermedia 9pm 12/13

December 10, 2017

paula matthusen seth cluett phill niblockFor their first performance together, Paula Matthusen and Seth Cluett will fill a table with transduced tubes, 3D printed shapes, amplified objects, and cassette recorders; feedback will be used to explore spaces large and small while software and hardware instruments capture sound as a material to be sculpted in time; both are composers, artists, and performers in equal and sometime not equal parts, so no particular preference will be given to whether the sounds are loud or soft or short or long but a great deal of attention will almost certainly be paid to listening in the moment

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work up now at CONTEXT Art Miami – 12/3-10

December 10, 2017

cluett art miami navarro contextFrom the press release: The program of CONTEXT Sound Positions started in Miami in 2014, and since then has been a strong platform for the presentation of Sound Art in our fair editions in Miami and New York. Sound Positions creates immersive and intimate situations for listening to work by an international selection of emerging and established sound artists. The exhibition will feature individual listening stations dedicated to the work of a solo artist.

For more information click the image above.

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speaking at the Brooklyn College Composers Forum and performing Oliveros at Shapeshifter lab for the 31st Biannual International Electroacoustic Music Festival

October 29, 2017

The Conservatory of Music of Brooklyn College Presents:

31st Biannual International Electroacoustic Music Festival

This five-day festival is a tribute to the late-great Pauline Oliveros. The Friday night concert kicks off the Conservatory’s Oliveros Symposium : “Legacies of Pauline Oliveros” The concerts will feature special guest performances in tribute to this great innovator and master of the genre.

Tuesday, Oct 31, 12:30pm, 206 Roosevelt Extension:
Talk by Seth Cluett on his work

Wed, Nov 1st —Music Of Nicholas R. Nelson

Thurs, Nov 2nd —Sonic Arts Composers

Fri, Nov 3rd —“Legacy of Pauline Oliveros” Concert I

Sat,Nov 4th — “Legacy of Pauline Oliveros” Symposium

Sat, Nov 4th — “Legacy of Pauline Oliveros” Concert II

Note — The Friday, Nov. 3rd performance at 8pm will take place at the ShapeShifter Lab.

The Musicians:
  • Anne Bourne
  • Carrier Band
  • Seth Cluett
  • Viv Corringham
  • David Grubbs
  • Ethan Hayden
  • Kristin Norderval
  • Daniel Weintraub

George Brunner, Founder/Director of Music Technology

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bassoonist Christin Schillinger takes ‘a rift within’ on tour to Texas 10/17-10/20

October 17, 2017

Christin Schillinger will be in Austin and Dallas providing recitals, reed lectures, and private lessons! All events are free to the public. She’ll perform my work ‘a rift within’ for bassoon and electronics with 3d-printed augmentation

Tuesday, October 17: Austin, Texas
University of Texas
2pm Reed Workshop
7:30pm Recital

Friday, October 20: Denton, Texas
University of North Texas
1pm Reed Workshop
5pm Recital

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virtual reality installation ‘world and place evaporating’ with chris manzione at Virtualities & Realities at kim? Art Center in Riga, Latvia

October 12, 2017

Virtualities and Realities

The contemporary digital art exhibitions of this year’s RIXC Festival 2017 are introducing new immersive experiences, whereby exploring complex relations between the “virtualities” and “realities” in our post-media society with its networked communities and migrating cultures.

The main festival exhibition shows 25 artworks that experiment with augmented and virtual reality, create immersive environments, use brainwave sensors, and envision the future of our society in a new era of virtual experiences.

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new work for So Percussion premieres for the opening of the Princeton University Lewis Center for the Arts

September 25, 2017



Art Walk Music and Sculpture Tour with Sō Percussion

October 6 at 4:00 p.m., October 7 at 11:00 a.m. & 2:00 p.m.

Tours begin at Richard Serra’s The Hedgehog and the Fox sculpture near Taplin Auditorium (Fine Hall).

Sō Percussion, Princeton University’s Edward T. Cone Performers-in-Residence have commissioned 6 Princeton composers – Seth Cluett, Quinn Collins, Lainie Fefferman, Judd Greenstein, Anne Hege, and Kate Neal – to create new works responding to outdoor sculpture across the campus by Ursula von Rydingsvard, Richard Serra, Sol Lewitt, Henry Moore, Tony Smith, and Doug and Mike Starn. Join Sō Percussion as they perform these original works alongside the sculptures that inspired them.

FREE and open to all. No tickets required.

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a murmur which redoubles will be performed during Dead Plants & Living Objects at De Doelen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 9/28

September 21, 2017

Harden, Strootman, Hijmans

Dead Plants & Living Objects

Pete Harden elektrische gitaar
Aart Strootman elektrische gitaar
Wiek Hijmans elektrische gitaar
Fred Jacobsson basgitaar
Pierre Berthet slagwerk en installatie
Rie Nakajima installatieTom Johnson Galileo
Pete Harden Preservation (Mountain Blue Butterfly)
Morton Feldman The Possibility of A New Work for Electric Guitar
Seth Cluett a murmur which redoubles
Peter Adriaansz Serenades II-IV
Arcadis Zaal (installation)
Nakajima & Berthet Dead Plants & Living Objects

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20.4-channel live performance and talk during Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, September 9-11

August 29, 2017



Computer Music Concert
curated by Andreas Weixler, Se-Lien Chuang and Volkmar Klien
Anton Bruckner Private University / ars electronica festival 2017


  • Luiza Schulz:
    fixed media
  • Dorit Chrysler:
    Melting Glaciers
    theremins, voices, synthesis
  • Dante Tanzi:
    Virtual Debris
    electroacoustic composition
    world premiere
  • Seth Cluett:
    Instantaneous Volumes in Instantaneous Space
    20.4. channel live performance
  • — Pause —
  • Steel Girls (Angelica Castello,Tobias Leibetseder, Astrid Schwarz)
    Momentum of the metal realm
    Performance for Metal Objects, Electronics and Analog Synthesizers
  • Jiayi Young & Shih-Wen:
    Young public participatory performance
    UC Davis & American River College, CMS Research Residency 2017
  • Ludger Brümmer & Spin:
    Bernd Lintermann
    Composition for sound dome with video projection

Admission free

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new site specific performance at MAC/VAL – Musée d’Art Contemporain du Val-de-Marne on July 2 at 17:30

June 21, 2017

From the website:

Concert, lectures, rencontres
À partir de 16h, Nef.

Pour ces « Interludes critiques », Jean-Christophe Norman invite trois auteurs et un musicien à poser leur regard critique ou poétique sur son œuvre murale Terre à terre, et plus généralement sur son univers et ses influences.
Avec Marjorie Micucci, J. Emil Sennewald, Frank Smith et Seth Cluett.

– Le « pas épars » d’Ulysse
Lecture de Marjorie Micucci, critique d’art et poète.

« Jean-Christophe Norman est une intrigue, une fiction. Une énigme ordinaire du monde. Il glisse sa main et son pas dans l’écriture au noir du passage ou dans une écriture au blanc de l’éphémère. Sa main est une émotion, littéraire et poétique ; son corps entre dans cette main comme il entre dans la vie… Un jour, Jean-Christophe Norman entra dans « la vie sensible » de l’Ulysse de Joyce, qu’il transporta alors de ville en ville, de mur en mur, de sol en sol, nuit et jour, et le pas revenu d’Ulysse se mit à réécrire sa traversée, réinventant une fiction qui ignore sa fin (…). »

– « Jean-Christophe Norman, artiste en co-errance »
Lecture de Frank Smith, écrivain et poète, vidéaste et réalisateur.

« Les chiens errent à la recherche d’une issue. Dans le piège des centres-villes désertés, les chiens errent sans fin. Les chiens errent et construisent le monde depuis le sens d’un regard porté collectivement sur la réalité et ses « matières », quitte à en être vaincus. ».

Extrait du texte paru dans le catalogue de l’exposition « Matières » de Jean-Christophe Norman au Centre Dürrenmatt de Neufchâtel.

– « Feuilles volantes »
Lecture de J. Emil Sennewald, critique d’art, enseignant et journaliste

Depuis les premiers jours de la création in situ de Terre à terre, J. Emil Sennewald produit chaque semaine une nouvelle « feuille volante », qui est donnée à lire au public dans le Nef et sur le site internet du musée.
Vendues sur les marchés dès le XIIe siècle, les feuilles volantes ont été l’un des premiers médias de masse. Avant de prendre leur forme moderne – le tract et le manifeste –, elles colportaient des histoires spectaculaires, des faits divers et curieux. Ce projet réitère cet état d’esprit, en lien avec la démarche de l’artiste, pour rendre compte du processus de son travail.

– Concert de Seth Cluett

Artiste, musicien et compositeur, Seth Cluett propose au MAC VAL un concert inédit et immersif, en jouant de la perception de la matière sonore dans son rapport à la mémoire et au temps. Seth Cluett est régulièrement invité à se produire dans le monde entier. En France, il a présenté son travail au Palais de Tokyo, à Main d’œuvres ou au GRM. Il a également publié des articles pour les revues Tacet, BYPASS ou encore Shifter.


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named artist-in-residence with Nokia Bell Labs Experiments in Art and Technology

May 15, 2017

From June 2017 to January 2018, I have the honor of maintaining a studio as full-time artist-in-residence at Nokia Bell Labs on their Murray Hill, New Jersey campus. I’ll be working with researchers on haptic and acoustic communication technology as well as developing a series of chamber music works to be performed in their anechoic chamber and presented and processed in realtime to an adjoined wavefield synthesis/hoa listening space designed by Arup acoustics.

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new work premiered by Christin Schillinger for solo bassoon and 3d printed loudspeaker extension at New Music Gathering 2017

May 8, 2017

New Music Gathering is an annual three-day conference dedicated to the performance, production, promotion, support and creation of new concert music. 

Taking place on May 11-13, 2017 at Bowling Green State University, the focus of New Music Gathering 2017 will be on “Support.” The conference appropriately features percussionist, conductor, and author Steven Schick as our keynote speaker—who, for the past 40 years, has championed contemporary music by commissioning or premiering more than 150 new works.
Headlining performers include the boundary-
breaking International Contemporary Ensemble and New Music Detroit on May 11, Steven Schick on May 12, and Michigan’s Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble on May 13.

With concerts, lecture recitals, roundtable discussions, talks, and everything from composer-performer “speed dating,” to one-on-one consultations with industry professionals. #NMG2017 aims to be both a conference in the traditional sense but also quite literally a collective place for things to grow, improve, solidify and above all get personal. 

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two pieces on view at Creative Tech Week Arts Hub – Stronger Together Exhibition

May 8, 2017























Friday, May 12 – Saturday, May 13, 2017

Exhibition Preview: Friday, May 12, 5:00 – 11:00pm (Ticketed)

Exhibition Hours: Saturday, May 13, 12:00 – 7:00pm (Free)

Stronger Together is an exhibition featuring software and electronic art by faculty and alumni of computer art departments of nine area universities, and includes a selection of electronic music performances and free Maker workshops teaching 3D printing and modeling as well as DIY electronics assembly and programming.   Produced by Leaders in Software and Art (LISA) for Creative Tech Week in conjunction with Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center, the exhibit celebrates the explosion of technology onto the global art and music scene and highlights the leaders at our educational epicenters for technological innovation in the arts.

Experience the work of artists and educators who are driving forces in guiding and facilitating the next generation of innovators in technological arts, and explore the intersections in aesthetic and conceptual inquiries across academic programs at nine area universities. The exhibition includes art installations incorporating a wide range of technologies and media including Virtual Reality; Augmented Reality; 3D printing; CNC router milling; custom or recycled electronics; custom software; the Internet; custom video game consoles and joysticks; photo manipulation; data visualizations; drone video; algorithms; speech synthesis; and tablets, smartphones, flat screens, projectors, computers, microphones, sensors and speakers.

In addition to university partners and LISA, Creative Tech Week is also partnering with Harvestworks, Plan 23, Columbia University, CUNY and the Lady Tech Guild to feature exciting performances and hands-on workshops over the two-day period. Organizers include Isabel Draves, President of Creative Tech Week and Founder of LISA; Carol Parkinson, Director of Harvestworks; Wolfgang von Stuermer (aka WvS), Representative of Plan 23; Michael Merck, Co-Director of the Knockdown Center; and Akaash Mehta, Creative Tech Week Arts Hub Exhibition Director.

Artists featured in the exhibition include Richard Jochum from Art and Education, Teachers College at Columbia University; Daniel Tempkin, Joe Diebes, Ed Bear, Margaret Schedel and Melissa F. Clark, Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center; Annie Berman, Andrew Demirjian, Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga from Integrated Media Arts at Hunter College CUNY; Terry Nauheim, Yuko Oda and Robert Michael Smith from the Department of Digital Art & Design at NYIT; Katherine Bennett, Chun-Fang Huang, Javier Molina, Tatiana Pilon, Kate Sicchio and Mark Skwarek from Integrated Digital Media at NYU; Harry Chiuhao Chen, Gene Kogan, Zhenzhen Qi, Hellyn Teng, Yang Wang, and Jingwen Zhu from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU; Amelia Marzec and Yuchen Zhang from Design and Technology at Parsons; Allison Berkoy, Blake Carrington, Ursula Endlicher, Carla Gannis, Claudia Herbst-Tait, and Linda Lauro-Lazin from the Department of Digital Arts at Pratt Institute; Seth Cluett, Christopher Manzione, and Nicholas O’Brien from Visual Arts & Technology at Stevens Institute of Technology; Benton C Bainbridge and Eric Corriel, respectively from MFA Computer Art and BFA Design at School of Visual Arts; and Michael Rees at William Paterson University.

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Solo performance in Vienna at Alte Schmiede Kunstverein 3/17 at 7pm

March 15, 2017

Click [ HERE ] for more info.


SETH CLUETT (Elektronik und verstärkte Objekte): Resonant Spaces • TOBIAS LEIBETSEDER & ASTRID SCHWARZ (Klangerzeuger, Live-Elektronik): Tobias Leibetseder Fugen Licht Gebirge, Leibetseder & Schwarz Steel Girls, Astrid Schwarz Ice book No.1

Der amerikanische Klangkünstler und Komponist Seth Cluett ist als Künstler und Theoretiker eine zentrale Figur der New Yorker Soundart-Szene. In Resonant Spaces benutzt er live gesungene und elektronisch erzeugte Sinustöne, um raumakustische Phänomene auszuloten, denen er Aufnahmen ganz unterschiedlicher Klänge gegenüberstellt. Seine Arbeiten wurden international an Institutionen wie dem Palais de Tokyo (Paris), Whitney Museum (NY), MoMA PS1 (NY) und STEIM (Amsterdam) präsentiert. Er unterrichtet am Institute of Technology in Hoboken.

Tobias Leibetseder und Astrid Schwarz leben und arbeiten in Wien. Sie präsentieren neben jeweils eigenen Arbeiten elektronischer Musik in verschiedenen mehrkanaligen, medialen Settings mit Steel Girls, Operation Extreme Gardening – radical unknown statements eine neue Zusammenarbeit.

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New hybrid VR work with Chris Manzione at Moving Image Art Fair NYC – Feb 27-March 2

February 12, 2017

Moving Image New York 2017 will take place February 27 – March 2, 2017. Located in the Waterfront Tunnel event space between 27th and 28th Streets with an entrance on 11th Avenue in Chelsea. Moving Image will be free to the public and open Monday – Wednesday, February 27 – March 1-5, 11–8 PM and on Thursday, March 2, 11-4 PM. An opening reception will take place Monday, February 27, 6–8 PM.


Moving Image was conceived to offer a viewing experience with the excitement and vitality of a fair, while allowing moving image-based artworks to be understood and appreciated on their own terms. Participation is by invitation only. The newly formed Moving Image Curatorial Advisory Committee for New York 2017 is inviting a selection of international commercial galleries and non-profit institutions to present single-channel videos, single-channel projections, video sculptures, immersive media, and other larger video installations.

Moving Image New York
February 27 – March 2, 2017

Participating artists:

Rebecca Allen / Gazelli Art House, London, UK (VR)

Marcos Bonisson and Khalil Charif / Artur Fidalgo galeria, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Kevin Cooley / Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Adriana Duque / Zipper Galeria, São Paulo, Brazil

Zachary Fabri / ROCKELMANN &, Berlin, Germany

Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani / Galleria Marie-Laure Fleisch, Rome, Italy

John Craig Freeman / Moving Image Immersive Media, New York, NY (AR)

Claudia Hart / TRANSFER, Brooklyn, NY (AR)

Robert Hodge / Freight + Volume, New York, NY

Iyvone Khoo / A.I. Gallery, London, UK

Christopher Manzione & Seth Cluett / Moving Image Immersive Media, NY (VR)

Alexander Mazza / Luciana Caravello Arte Contemporânea, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Joiri Minaya / Smack Mellon, Brooklyn, NY

Brenna Murphy / Upfor, Portland, OR (VR)

Damir Očko / Kasia Michalski Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

Will Pappenheimer / Moving Image Immersive Media, New York, NY (AR)

Jacques Perconte / Galerie Charlot, Paris, France

Jefferson Pinder / Curator’s Office, Washington, DC

Jordan Rathus / Upfor, Portland, OR

Casey Reas / DAM, Berlin, Germany

Michael Rees /  BravinLee programs, New York, NY (AR)

Rick Silva /  TRANSFER Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Jakob Kudsk Steensen / Moving Image Immersive Media, New York, NY (VR)

Tamiko Thiel and Zara Houshmand / Moving Image Immersive Media, New York, NY (VR)

Naoko Tosa / Ikkan Art Gallery, Singapore

Anton van Dalen / P·P·O·W Gallery, New York, NY

Arda Yalkın / Gaia Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

Matteo Zamagni / Gazelli Art House, London, UK (VR)

VR = Virtual reality artwork
AR = Augmented reality artwork

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Remembering Pauline Oliveros at the Park Avenue Armory, Feb 6 from 4-10pm

February 5, 2017

Phil Edelstein (Composers Inside Electronics) and I are leading the Apple Box Orchestra to cap off the concert at the end of the night.

From the Armory Website

The Armory and the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) host an open commemoration of the life and work of Pauline Oliveros at the Park Avenue Armory

ICE and the Armory are partnering to welcome the vast network of Oliveros’ students, collaborators, and friends into an open set of performances, meditations, storytelling, and Deep Listening. Spaces dedicated to historical audio recordings, film and documentary clips, participatory listening sessions, and cutting edge electro-acoustic performances are open to the public as a free offering of new experiences.

Composer Pauline Oliveros touched countless artistic lives as a tireless advocate for making and listening to new sounds. As a pioneer of electronic music and inventor of transformative listening methods, Oliveros changed the way music is made and conceived for several generations of musicians.

For those inspired by Oliveros or who are curious to learn more about her beautiful life and work, the day provides an opportunity to learn, reflect, and listen in the spaces where Oliveros held several Deep Listening sessions during her April 2016 residence as part of the Armory’s Artists Studio series in the newly restored Veterans Room. Contributors include Claire Chase and the International Contemporary Ensemble, Either/OR, the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Deep Listening Certificate Holders and members of the Center for Deep Listening at Rensselaer, Anagram Ensemble, Ione, and many of Oliveros’ longest collaborators.

Ross Karre, curatorial coordinator and producing manager
International Contemporary Ensemble, lead ensemble and co-host
Park Avenue Armory, co-host
Ione, Trustee of the Pauline Oliveros Trust, performer, curator
New York Public Library, artifacts and recordings from the Oliveros Collection
Center for Deep Listening, curatorial and coordinating partner

Performers, Organizers, and Contributors include:

Anagram Ensemble
Frédéric Acquaviva
David Arner
China Blue
Anne Bourne
Jonas Braasch
Mike Bullock
Claire Chase
Maria Chavez
Phyllis Chen
Seth Cluett
Vivienne Corringham
Nick DeMaison
Stuart Dempster
Phil Edelstein
Either/Or Ensemble
Björn Eriksson
Fast Forward
David Felton
Adele Fournet
Gisela Gamper
Heloise Gold
Tomie Hahn
Paul Hembree
Brenda Hutchinson
Susie Ibarra
Galen Joseph-Hunter
Paula Josa-Jones
Zach Layton
Evan Leslie
Norman Lowrey
Miya Masaoka
Lindsay McKenzie
Carman Moore
Linda Mary Montano
Michelle Nagai
Kristin Norderval
Tina Pearson
Leila Ramagopal Pertl
David Rothenberg
Margaret Schedel
Michelle Temple
Sarah Weaver
John Wieczorek

Photo by Vinciane Verguethen

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