speaking at the Brooklyn College Composers Forum and performing Oliveros at Shapeshifter lab for the 31st Biannual International Electroacoustic Music Festival

October 29, 2017

The Conservatory of Music of Brooklyn College Presents:

31st Biannual International Electroacoustic Music Festival

This five-day festival is a tribute to the late-great Pauline Oliveros. The Friday night concert kicks off the Conservatory’s Oliveros Symposium : “Legacies of Pauline Oliveros” The concerts will feature special guest performances in tribute to this great innovator and master of the genre.

Tuesday, Oct 31, 12:30pm, 206 Roosevelt Extension:
Talk by Seth Cluett on his work

Wed, Nov 1st —Music Of Nicholas R. Nelson

Thurs, Nov 2nd —Sonic Arts Composers

Fri, Nov 3rd —“Legacy of Pauline Oliveros” Concert I

Sat,Nov 4th — “Legacy of Pauline Oliveros” Symposium

Sat, Nov 4th — “Legacy of Pauline Oliveros” Concert II

Note — The Friday, Nov. 3rd performance at 8pm will take place at the ShapeShifter Lab.

The Musicians:
  • Anne Bourne
  • Carrier Band
  • Seth Cluett
  • Viv Corringham
  • David Grubbs
  • Ethan Hayden
  • Kristin Norderval
  • Daniel Weintraub

George Brunner, Founder/Director of Music Technology

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